Brave New World

While in the past I have occasionally “lurked” online, I’ve felt no need to establish a presence of my own on any of the myriad social media sites. I often confess that I am a natural recluse, happy to spend time alone, be it knitting in my studio, reading a book, cooking, going for a walk, whatever. I don’t understand the word “bored.” There is always something to do that interests me. When I venture out, it’s my choice – to spend time with friends or family, to share my love of knitting with others by teaching, etc. I’m in control – just where this left brained girl is most comfortable.

With the launch of this new website, however, it has been suggested to me that I should think about entering the brave new world of social media. “Don’t be afraid,” people say. “Everybody’s doing it.” Sigh… so confusing.

Lucky for me, a trusted friend has advised me that my site doesn’t have to be social media “driven,” it just has to be social media “friendly” and I like the sound of that. So for now, at the bottom of each page you’ll find Facebook and Twitter icons to share what you see and like here and an icon link to my Designer page on Ravelry, the wonderful website devoted to all things Knit and Crochet. This way I can start slowly. It’s the left-brained thing to do. In return, I hope you will continue to connect with me about your knitting life via the email contact on the website. I love seeing and hearing about what you’re working on.

Baby steps? Maybe… But moving forward. And that’s always a good thing.