The STUDIO B KNITS online store is OPEN!!
Patterns and Kits and Jewelry for Sale. OH MY!!

I’m thrilled to announce that the new Studio B Knits Shop is open for business. We’ve turned on the lights, unlocked the door and I hope you’ll come on over and take a look around. You can simply click on the “STORE” Navigation Link on the left side of this page or click here: Studio B Knits Shop.
What will you find there, you ask?

Patterns and Materials Kits to create my new line of ABACUS bead knit jewelry, like the “Sine Curve” Bracelet on the left and the “Cat’s Eye” Necklace on the right:






And Limited Edition Jewelry like these Slider Bracelets and Bead Balls for necklaces:







And the store is open 24/7. Just so you can shop in your pajamas. Doesn’t everyone? ;-)